MSF WatSan team

The MSF catastrophe preparedness includes most equipment, knowledge and specialists to be able to jump right into a situation to be on top for saving lives.

MSF Sigli had 5 or 6 teams working with drinking water and sanitary issues.

We worked with other MSF teams that had different tasks to fulfil.

Photo: Desy Angraini (translator)

MSF Mobile Clinic

We had 3 mobile clinic teams with doctors, nurses, translators and whatever needed. They had a scheduled route and revisited the same villages several times each week to have a good follow up and to have control if problems developed.

At the early stage vaccination teams did a massive job to prevent possible treats.

Mental health teams had a huge job to help people tackle developing traumas. These guys had a long time work ahead.

Photo: Desy Angraini (translator)

MSF Team in Sigli

MSF had a big team working in the area of Sigli. At the most we all in all counted more than 60 people.

Photo: Desy Angraini (translator)


The earth lion

This chameleon had found his way into our medical store, so I had to save it out of there.

Later the same day I saw one “running” over the sand to the clinic. The colour was bright neon green!!

A Surviver

Giants of trees, survived 100’ds? of years in the middle of a wadi.

The Wadi

Most of the water in this wadi comes from the mountains in the far behind. The water usually came thundering by our village 10 to 20 hours after the rain started. If you look closely in the picture you will see, in the middle of the pic, a kind’a wave stretching over the wadi. This is the water from the left branch just rushing in to the already existing waterflow from the right branch.

This picture is two days later from the same wadi. Sandstorm. All water passed us, but still flowing somewhere further down the desert.

The blacksmith

Working on my knife, which he, as he mows the blade back and forth, supports with the underside of his big toe. The hammer rhythmically bangs the piece of steel into shape, and the double edged knife gets sharper and sharper.

A mans outfit

Clothing, knife with needle and tweezer and his protection against evil and bullets.


Our neighbour - the SLA

During my time in Korma, the situation between SLA and MSF was smooth. They was our closest neighbour, yellow house, the day training centre and across the “street” their accommodations. I recently learned that a new faction had taken over the city and pretty bad things happened in July 2006, just over the heads of the MSF people as they tried to get as close to the floor as possible. The MSF team fled the town during the same night. Casualties after this “incident” - 72 killed, 103 injured and 39 raped.

Today, Oct. 06, the MSF team visit the clinic only on day time when possible. To bad, it is six hours wasted in the car every day / time; that means the team only have 2 – 3 hours of work before they have to leave again.

In the region there are no other clinics on the level of MSF’s. It is really too bad that we are forced to abandon the people and the clinic, where we worked so hard to win the peoples trust and to upgrade the clinic.

Last time attacks happened was in 2004, when Janjawid razed the city. Raped, killed, looted and burnt. Even the clinic was emptied for quality equipment at that time.

The picture shows the walls of the burnt huts. Even large parts of the big marketplace was burnt and destroyed, and still is.


The Clinic

We did major rehabilitation of the clinic and re-equipped these buildings.

Around the clinic were put up solid fences.

Big tents were erected for consultation, malnutrition check, pregnancy check-up and vaccination. To get down the temperature inside we had to build walls and roofs around the tent, all done with local material, style, craft and craftsmen.

Above the waiting area we stitched and stretched huge shading net to prevent the cooking hot sun.

To take all this visits there were recruited, trained and health educated local medical personnel.

This lady was the first local midwife in our clinic.

The clinic had on our arrival max 40 patients for consultation on daily basis. After a shorter period the numbers was 80 patients a day. Campaigns on pregnancy check-up and on vaccination for kids below 15 years were run. On the busiest days there could be more than 200 kids and about 300 women. Each woman got a mosquito net after check-up to prevent malaria.

Here is chaos during vaccination.

Think the guard misunderstood his task.

Goin' home

Carrying away the food bags. A few did the job on foot, but the majority used donkeys.

BTW- we had about 30.000 children trough the lines, and I didn’t see one single man accompanying their child…

A minority of the families used a camel to bring home the food, oil and soap, and a checked and healthy kid.

On the first and the second BFD there was only one single car among 9.000 donkeys.


My staff of porters ready to bring away the Unimix bags. One child = one bag of 25 kg’s = one porter. Some family’s had up to seven kids, imagine that mother carrying 175 kg’s of flour, and controlling the kids at the same time?!

Well, the porter system functioned smoothly.

Unimix, a flour mix enriched with vitamins and minerals. Cook with water, mix with a dash of Soya oil and the child have a nourishing meal.

On the 3 BFD’s we had the pleasure to provide the target family’s with all together 750 tons of Unimix, 40.000 litres of oil, 180.000 bars of soap and 10.000 wool blankets.

Not to forget the health control for every kid and the vaccination against measles.


Ad fact

The freely translation

We call on you that are willing to work hard (as a maniac) during miserable (and life threatening) conditions for bad(miserable) payment.



The Norwegian division of MSF got this years ”TV-aksjon”. Which in 2006 has engaged the Norwegian people for 33 years in row to raise funds for organisations that make an effort for people that rally needs. The whole nation gets involved!

The “TV-aksjon” is over and we raised about 192.500.000,- Norwegian kroner. Which today 24th Oct gives 22.852.000 Euro or 28.757.000 USD. (The final result is not yet here)

About 100.000 volunteers of Norwegians walked the streets and/or knocked doors all over the country, carrying their sealed boxes. People stuffed our boxes with coins and paper. At least 90% of the people I met on the street gave their share to me or other “boxwalkers”.

The main Norwegian TV channel gave a full evening, from 13:30 (1:30 pm) to 23:00 (11:00 pm) with reports from the field or interviews from the studio (live), just cut by news and weather. Later on, working in the call centre, you could easy tell when the show was on or not. Just seconds after show starts, the phones started calling. (Never underestimate the power of mass media!!)

Of course small and large companies, schools, groups – yes everybody seemed to participate in the fund raising rally.

Thank you all out there.

(photo: MSF/Dagbladet - graphics: jan)

In the hospital

One of the badly bullet wounded we got to our mission.
I was asked by the doctor (well, my work is as a log(istician) to keep the doctors and nurses happy and the system up walking) to find something to use as a supporting and "pulling" mechanism for the mans bullet crushed bone. Well what do I do when I hardly had a saw and definitely no electrical power or even equipment?
Took me some time, but suddenly I saw the value of a trashed wheelbarrow - in pieces.
The "box" was put upside down under the leg and the rest roped to the bed.
A bolt through the mans bone, a rope and 4,5 kg's of sand in a plastic can. That’s all you need!
Easy - when you have a trashed wheelbarrow....

Muac – measuring possible malnutrition

Even if the boy looks OK, the Muac
tape show tendency of the opposite.

Korma, Darfur

MSF - Medecins Sans Frontieres -
is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries.
MSF is one of the biggest medical oragaisations in the world.

MSF did a BFD - blanket food distribution. A food distribution and a health control - in the most difficult period, the 3 months before the new harvest came in house. Once each month the BFD was carried out. Target group children below age of five years. We took the opportunity to vaccinate the kids against measels. Each BFD was visited by 9.500 - 10.000 of the estimated 11.500 kids in the group 0 - 5 y. A fantastic number, when you know the family had to travel for four days return trip. 95% of the familys came on donkeys, about 4.500 donkeys 3 days.

Sudan, Darfur and El Fasher

The main city in North Darfur.
A city built around a water pond.
No natural rivers in
Darfur, water are filled up during the rainy season in September / October. Water floods the area and Wadis (rivers - for a day or two) rush through the landscape.


For protection against SLA (Sudanese Liberation Army), a deep ditch was dug around the city.

Once the city was important and controlled the caravan traffic in this desert.

Welcome to Sudan

A camel is expensive, a way to measure your wealth. To get a good wife you have to give 10 - 20 camels.
Longer ladys are more valued than shorter ones.
Camels are called the ship of the desert, but there was not many left in the Darfur area.

Welcome to Africa

The fruit market in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The highly respected guards from the masaai tribe. The one to the right had killed a lion with his own hands!

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